2022, back to business

Let me first start with wishing you all a great, loving, creative but most important healthy 2022 💫❤

How does it feel to you to end a year and start a new one? For me it feels very motivating and inspiring and I’m looking forward to the coming year.

Almost two years ago (at the start of the pandemic) I’ve made the conscious decission to put my handmade watercolor business on hold. Eventhough my business was growing at that time I felt that it was time to put myself first and I’m glad I did. It gave me time to reflect on certain things and aspects of my life. I’ve rested, recharged my battery enjoyed quality time with my family and friends, I was creative and this break gave me clarity on so many levels. I can definitely recommend you to also take a break once in a while, to reflect on your life and to check in with yourself. It can give you so much clarity and it can be life changing. My break took almost 2 years, you can’t predict before hand how much time you’ll need but most important is to take that time.

I now feel it’s time to pick up my handmade watercolor business again. I’ll also be more active here on my website about my creative journey (handmade watercolors, mandalas, crochet). I have many ideas popping in my head and I can’t wait to show you these. But first back to the slab and create some beautiful, vibrant paint.

Below the first try out after almost two years, the beautiful color Universal Genuine Blue 💙

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