Suuszenart handmade cards

I’ve recently discovered the clear stamps (I know they have been on the market for quite some years) and stamps are bringing back a lot of childhood memories.

I always loved to play with them, coloring the pictures, making words with the letter stamps. I also had my own pink name stamp with cute little hearts around my name (my name is suSanne with an S by the way, but in those days this was rare and I never found something with my correct name, it was always suZanne)

As you can imagine I now have a new creative addiction, making handmade cards (there is no such thing as having too many hobbies right?? I’m sure you will agree with me on that haha)

I’m also using my Sizzix big shot Plus (embossing and die cutting machine) for this. I’ve purchased this machine last month and I’m thinking about writing a blog about the pros and cons, more about that later.

I’ve been inspired by so many talented card makers on Instagram and the best thing is that I can combine it with my handmade watercolors, how great is that.

There are many brands that offer clear stamps and the categories are endless. So I’ve ordered a few, well actually a lot (guilty pleasure!), from certain brands (the picture below shows some of my clear stamp goodies) and I’ve been playing around with them.

The next picture shows a simple but oh so cute handmade card that I’ve made.

A tool that I love to use for stamping with clear stamps is the Stamp Platform of Tim Holtz. It’s the innovative surface for precision stamping with rubber and clear stamps. You can easily decide where you want to place the stamp(s) on the paper and it keeps your stamp(s) and paper (due to the 2 magnets) at place.

Here on my website I’ll create a topic with ‘Suuszenart handmade cards’ where you can see my latest creations of handmade cards.

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