Suuszen handmade metallic watercolors

Do you also love shimmering art and want to add a magic touch to your watercolor art? Then this blogpost is definitely something for you to read. In this blogpost I’ll be writing about my metallic handmade watercolor line.

When I’m designing art I like to use my metallic handmade watercolors, why? Besides the fact that I’m crazy about shimmering watercolors, I find that metallic colors gives art something magical and it doesn’t matter if a metallic paint or pen is used, they both have the same effect and gives that magical touch.

This is one of the reasons why I really wanted to design my own metallic handmade watercolor line. After searching and experimenting for a while I finally found metallic pigments that works best for me and my watercolor art and the best part is that there is an extensive palette of colors to choose from.

What is great about my metallic watercolors is that you can use it on white and black watercolorpaper. And that is when the magic happens. Some watercolors changes from color when you switch from white to black paper (see picture below)

Suuszen metallic handmade watercolors can be used for multiple purposes like brushlettering and calligraphy. I recently started with improving my brushlettering skills and I really love to use my sparkling metallic watercolors for this.

Did you know that Suuszen metallic handmade watercolor line is non-toxic, exhibits extreme colorfastness and stability. The watercolors produce different effect, from a smooth pearly luster, to a highly metallic sheen.

Currently I’m working on the Metallic fuller pan Travel Tin Paint Sets with 3 fuller pans. These sets will be released in my Etsy shop in February 2019. If you are interested in half pans then you can visit my Etsy shop for the fuller half pan sets but they go fast so make sure you don’t miss out.

Wishing you all a creative day.

Creative greetings

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  1. I love your metallic handmade watercolor colors. They are very beautiful. I love the effect on black very much. Have a beautiful day!

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    1. suuszenart says:

      I’m glad you like them, thank you for your sweet comment 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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