How to make handmade watercolors

In this video I show you how I make my suuszen handmade watercolors.

Safety first, so when you are working with pigment always wear gloves and a dust facemask, so you don’t inhale the fine pigments.

What do you need to make handmade watercolors? Pigment, gum arabic, glycerine, natural preservative, palette knife, a glass slab and a muller of glass.

The amount of gum arabic that you need depends on the pigment. Some pigments needs more gum arabic because of the consistency of the pigment. So when mixing it all together you will see for itself if you need to add a little bit more to it.

You can check if the pigment is ready for pouring by going through the mixed pigment with the palette knife. It has to be a smooth consistency and not grainy.

When the mixing is done you can pour the handmade watercolors into a pan with the palette knife.

As you can see in the video my handmade watercolors are very high in pigment and my handmade watercolors are not grainy but semi moisture.

My handmade watercolors are available in my Etsy shop

I hope to see you there!

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