Pearlcolors from Finetec/Coliro


I was stoked when I received these beautiful Pearlcolors from Finetec in the mail. Jessica from Coliro was so kind to let me try out these shimmering and sparkling watercolors for my mandala art.

I was over the moon when there was not one but two palettes, one with 6 golden colors and one with 6 other colors. I’ve opend the two palettes and was amazed by the shimmering of these Pearlcolors.

I was very curious what these Pearlcolors would do on black and white paper, so I’ve tested them and the result speaks for itself. Aren’t they gorgeous?


Then I’ve decided to test the Pearlcolors on wood because I’ve never found watercolors that I could apply on black painted wood. I began drawing a little mandala with a pencil and then colored this mandala with these watercolors. It immediately covers the black background and the sparkles are just mesmerizing.

These watercolors are very easy in use. All you have to do, before you start coloring, is to put a drop of water on the Pearlcolor, mix it together and then you are ready to create something beautiful. Here you can see the result of my little mandala on wood.


What I love the most about these Pearlcolors, besides ofcourse all the sparkles, is that you can apply them on black paper and on wood! As you can see the colors are very vibrant and the contrast between the shimmering colors on a black background is amazing. And did you know that you can combine your own individual palette? You can choose between 34 beautiful colors and there are also sets available. Pearlcolors can also be used for handlettering.

I definitely recommend you to add these Pearlcolors to your art supply collection. I’m convinced that you will also be in awe when you use these for your art or lettering. Check out the website for more information and prizes.

Creative greetings,



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