Tips for working with Gellyroll Moonlight pens from Sakura

For my colorful mandala art I use the Gellyroll Moonlight pens from Sakura. I use the pens for quite some time now, so here are a few tips on how to use them:

  • Each time you use the pens make sure to clean the tip of the pens before using them. Sometimes it happens that the ink dried from previous use and if you clean the tip first the ink will flow better on paper;
  • The most import tip that I want to share with you is don’t push too hard on the paper while using the Gellyroll pen. If you do, you will get stripes or even worse the paper can be damaged. If your pen barely touches the paper while you draw, the ink will flow much better;
  • Use smooth black or white paper for your drawing, the ink will flow better then when you use thick rough paper. The tip of the pen can leave drops of ink then on your paper and that is not what you want;
  • When you’ve made a little mistake in your drawing then use a black Micron pen from Sakura and correct the mistake. I’ve added a before and after picture and as you can see, the black pen covers the mistake. When the black ink has dried you can overwrite it with the Gellyroll pen.

20161112_124632-11 Before

20161112_124723-11 After

I hope these tips will be useful for you.


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