Gellyroll Metallic pens from Sakura


In my previous blogpost I was writing about my favorite pens, the Gellyroll Moonlight pens from Sakura. But there is another version of the Gellyroll pens that comes really close to my favorite number 1 pens and those are the Metallic Gellyroll pens from Sakura.

The difference between the Metallic and the Moonlight pens is the structure of the ink. The ink of the Metallic pens is sparkling and glides smoother over paper than the Moonlight pens. The ink is also wetter so it takes a little bit longer to dry. You must be careful that you don’t get stains on your paper while you are drawing. The ink doesn’t bleed or blot through thin paper like ordinary ink pens or liquid roller-ball pens.

What is so amazing about these pens is when the ink on the paper is being exposed to direct sunlight, the colours are so sparkling and beautiful that it literally lit up the colours on paper. You can see the result on the next photo.

Floral mandala 2 Gellyroll Metallic Sakura

These pens write on both light and dark papers as well as glossy and matte surfaces. These pens are available in a 10 pack or in a 16 pack re-sealable cube package . You can buy them on Amazon or Ebay.


I can recommend these beautiful, sparkling pens, they are ideal for making some beautiful art especially in combination with the Moonlight Gellyroll pens!



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