Tools I use for creating a mandala


There are different tools you can use for creating a mandala. I only use a compass with protractor for the round circles and the rest I draw freehand. If you prefer a symmetrical mandala you can work with pencillines which you can make using a ruler. After you finished the mandala you can erase these lines.

There are many different types of paper, thin, thick, colored, black, white, tanned etc. Finding the right kind of paper depends on what you want to create and which pens\markers you are going to use for this. It took a while before I found the right kind of paper because I was looking for the darkest black paper that exists. I use black paper from Rössler 220 g/m2 paper and 160 g/m2-225g/m2 white paper from Schut. I love to work with thick paper because it is ideal for drawing and colouring with pens/markers. Thick paper is firm, thin paper may damage faster when you are using pens/markers.

In my next blog I will be writing about the different kind of pens I use for creating mandalas and what my favorite pens are.

Enjoy your weekend!


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