Get into the creative flow

Before I begin with drawing a mandala I always have a little ritual to get into the creative flow. First I’ll make sure that I have all the tools around me that I need to draw a mandala. The right coloured pens, my compass and the right kind of paper. When I don’t have that organized and I have to look for my tools while I’m drawing then I’m certain that the creative flow will stop flowing because I’m distracted at that moment. When I have all the tools I need I turn on some relaxing music from Karunesh. I discovered this music a few months ago and I remember the first time I heard the song “Moon Temple” I got goosbumps all over and ever since that moment this music touches my soul and helps me to get into the flow. I also use this music in my artvideos. Curious? Check out YouTube for some amazing and relaxing songs of Karunesh.When I hear the music I close my eyes and take a few deep breathes to clear my mind, for me it is a short meditation. When I open my eyes, my mind is calm and my hands are ready to make some mandala art. I never wonder what to draw, I just let my inspiration at that very moment guide me.



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