Handmade watercolor progress pics/videos 🌺

Here you can follow my handmade watercolor journey. I will share progress pics and videos of my Suuszen handmade watercolor line and I will show you how I make my colorful high in pigment handmade watercolors. My handmade watercolors are available in my Etsy shop 🌺


New Travel Tin Paint Set available in my Etsy shop

Finished dotcards

Working on the Suuszen handmade watercolor dotcards (the dots looks like M&M’s πŸ˜‹)

New collection Travel Tin Paint Sets available in my Etsy shop

14 October 2018
LIMITED EDITIONS Travel Tin Paint Sets available tonight at 20.00 hrs CET!!! What’s great about these “fuller” pan sets is that they contain more handmade watercolor paint than the standard full pans. In my Etsy shop you can see the difference between the pans and these sets also includes FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!!

A new batch Travel Tin Paint Sets will soon be available in my Etsy shop including FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. In the picture below you see some of the color swatches πŸ€—

Making swatch cards for a new batch Travel Tin Paint Sets πŸ’™

Painting florals on this beautiful Sunday using my handmade watercolor Quinacridone rose 🌺

On Tuesday 9th of October at 7AM CET these cute little Tin Travel Paint sets will be released in my Etsy shop

Travel tin paint sets, available soon in my Etsy shop, they look perfect πŸ€—

I’m working on my handmade watercolor half pan batches today. It always feels so great to fill those pans. As you can see in this video my handmade watercolors are very high in pigment, they are semi moisture and not grainy, I love this Signal Red ❀

Rainbow colored sea life πŸšπŸ™πŸ¦€

A progress video

The Lotus flower represents purity and clarity in our country. It is such a beautiful flower which grows in muddy ground. As a spiritual person it’s so relaxing to draw and paint this gorgeous flower. Here is a progress pic

I’m working on my watercolor skills. Believe it or not but working with watercolors is a challenge for me but I’m making progress and that certainly keeps me motivating. I’m really happy with the result of this rose using my handmade watercolors 🌹

A progress video, working on my floral skills🌿

In the video below I’ll show you how I make my Ultramarine Rose handmade watercolor. I use gum arabic, a naturel preservative, raw pigment and glycerine.

In the video below I will show you how I fill a half pan of this gorgeous Ultramarine Rose handmade watercolor πŸ’—

Suuszen high in pigment Ultramarine Rose handmade watercolors